At Verdant Valley™ we select a variety of specialty cultivars with the intention of providing a wide array of options to California cannabis connoisseurs.

The results from our efforts are represented in the good character, the power and traits of our flowers. Each of the living organisms in our greenhouse has an energetic and physical imprint that can be felt in everything from the olfactory notes to the THC to CBD content as well as the terpenoid profile. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with strains of strength, temperance and the aptitude for healing and inspiring.


With reverence for the genetic lineage of each specific phenotype, Verdant Valley cultivates a variety of hybrid strains that range from Sativa-dominant to heavily Indicas:

Girl Scout Cookies, XJ13, Lemon Haze, Blue Cookie, 24K-gold, WIFI, OGKB.


At Verdant Valley, we believe in the research that continues to show the healing, anti-cancer properties of Cannabidiol. CBD-rich strains bring relief to symptoms associated with a wide range of conditions, including rare cases of epilepsy and neurological disorders, PTSD, depression, and chronic pain/fatigue.

Harlequin, Ringo’s Gift, AC/DC, GDP-Harlequin.

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