Verdant Valley™ is a boutique, specialty cannabis farm nestled in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of Northern California, where living soil, sun, water, and passion come together to cultivate medicinal cannabis of exceptional purity and quality.

For nearly two decades, Verdant Valley™ has used cultivation management practices that focused on soil biology and maximizing efficiencies in energy use and water conservation. Verdant Valley™ is dedicated to nurturing our plants to their fullest potential and offering discerning California patients Clean Green-certified cannabis.

Verdant Valley’s™ philosophy rests on love for the plant: cultivating cannabis that reflects the dedication that goes into farming it. Our commitment is to continually raise the standards of sustainable cannabis cultivation through awareness and education.

Our Approach


Quickly becoming the standard for innovative and sustainable cultivation, Light-dep allows us to keep our carbon footprint small by eliminating the need for supplemental lighting. Creating and maintaining a controlled optimum environment allows plants to thrive and produce higher quality flowers that can be available to our patients on constant rotation.


We take pride in being able to offer cannabis cultivated using sustainable and organic practices. With a Clean Green Certification, we are able to assure our patients of the quality and wholesome imprint of our products. Through the certification process, the whole life cycle of the plant is considered, to ensure our products are always clean, always pure.


At Verdant Valley™ we believe that a rich, functioning soil food web that is balanced with the essential nutrients is not only integral for healthy plants but for the health of the planet. We believe that using soil biology to promote sustainable, phytonutrient-rich soil yields the highest quality product. We enjoy being responsible cultivators using ecological friendly techniques in and out of the garden.

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